3D Dermology Anti Cellulite Treatment


At Essenza Beauty Clinic we offer a high definition 3D Dermology anti cellulite treatment that uses a cosmetic vacuum in tandem with radio frequencies to actively combat unwanted cellulite


The cellulite treatment is used to improve blood and lymphatic circulation throughout the body, help decrease discomfort from oedema (water retention) and improve skin elasticity.

Using this cutting edge HD Cellulite Vacuum on the cellulite affected areas, we gently massage the skin.


The applicator massage creates a partial vacuum on the skin surface and sucks up the skin between rollers located around a suction device. While the roller and vacuum move, the skin fold is rolled and massaged.


The negative suction pressure created by the vacuum mobilises the fatty tissue and causes loosening of the connective tissue strands, thereby reducing the dimpled appearance of the skin.


Combined with radio frequency, the skin feels a lot smoother and tighter.


The advantage of this method is that, in addition to the positive effects of the vacuum, the massage therapy generates heat and causes a breakdown of the fat; it can also stretch the connective tissue vertically and improves the microcirculation within the skin capillaries.


Essenza Beauty Clinic offers a highly-advanced anti-cellulite treatment.

Our anti-cellulite treatment is relaxing and pain-free and can improve the quality and appearance of the treated areas.


If you have any questions regarding this or any of our other treatments, book a free telephone consultation, where we can answer any of your questions and tailor treatments to meet your requirements.





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 Essenza Beauty Clinic is licensed by Edinburgh City council to perform these treatments. 

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