Imagine waking up every day looking as good as you did the night before, and imagine the free time you will have by not applying make-up daily.


At Essenza Beauty we have a perfect solution with Semi-permanent Make-up (Lasts up to 2 years).


Semi-permanent Make-up is a non-surgical long lasting, smudge free, cosmetic make-up system, that is carried out by a highly skilled linergist.


The process involves the use of precision equipment that carefully deposits minuscule amounts of a natural hypoallergenic pigmentation into the first layer of the skin (called the epidermis) using a special technique originally developed for medical and then for beauty purposes.



A completely realistic and perfect looking eyebrow hair tattooing results.
Softer shading is used with the brow tail being emphasized to make it look super defined.
A full bodied and colour rich eyebrow.
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Celebrity and Microblading

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 Essenza Beauty Clinic is licensed by Edinburgh City council to perform these treatments. 

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